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7 foundation hacks that will change your life

Posted on November 22, 2019

Three Shades of Buildable Coverage.

If you’re looking to achieve the perfect foundation application, then look no further! So many of us struggle to find the right shade and formula that works for them, so we have developed My Perfect Foundation with this in mind, to give our customers a fuss-free and flawless application every time.

When too heavy, foundations can give a clogging effect. Too light and they can slide right off, leaving you looking like you never put foundation on in the first place. 

The great news is that achieving the perfect complexion doesn’t have to be difficult anymore, especially not with our latest product release, My Perfect Foundation. 

Designed specifically to wear with My Perfect Eyes, it’s backed by years of testing, research and in this case, lots of development until we were able to achieve the ultimate formula! The Result? Your skin, just better!

Available in just three shades designed to suit all skin tones and types, My Perfect Foundation delivers a unique melting effect that works seamlessly with your skin to create that even, airbrushed finish that’s always on-trend. 

With exclusive colour-matching technology, your perfect skin is just a few simple steps away. Designed to adapt to your skin pigment, three simple shades are all we needed!

You shouldn’t need a background in fine art or be a YouTube make-up artist to create the complexion of your dreams. Applying your foundation should be a simple yet transformative process. My Perfect Foundation is designed to be ultimately versatile. Your “go-to” for all occasions. 

7 Steps for the Best Foundation Application

1. Cleanse.

We’re pretty sure you all thoroughly remove your makeup every night before bed so you might be wondering why we’re advocating cleansing it again before you apply your daily foundation. Let’s call it part of your essential skincare routine. Just in case there are any remnants of yesterday’s makeup still left on your face or excess oil, preparing your face first before you apply My Perfect Foundation will ensure the most even coverage and best results. We recommend you use My Perfect Wash, our purifying and luxuriously lathering, Amino acid facial wash, packed with hydrating properties.

2. Prep

No matter how matte your foundation, you can still achieve soft and natural-looking results if you’ve prepped your skin correctly. All you need is a good moisturiser to lock in hydration. Let your skincare sink into your skin for about 5 minutes before you apply your foundation. If you go for a multi-tasking day cream like My Perfect Day, you can enjoy 12-hour dewy hydration as well as UVA/UVB 15 sun protection.

3. Pick your colour.

It’s time to pick up the perfect shade for you. It’s not as overwhelming as you might think. There’s no need to be colour matched. With just three shades to choose from, light, medium or dark, the adaptive colour technology in our latest product innovation blends effortlessly with your own skin tone and has been designed so that you can build and layer to achieve the perfect cover and finish.

4. Blend it.

To enjoy that second-skin magic, you’re going to need either a foundation brush, a beauty sponge, or you could use your fingers. Go ahead and apply a small amount of My Perfect Foundation to the back of your hand and begin to gently dab to the side of your face in light motions. 

Don’t smudge or swipe, light short blended strokes are all that’s needed. Apply to all the areas of your face first and leave where you’ve applied My Perfect Eyes till last. Remember, if you want to go from a light daytime look to a fuller coverage evening look, use more product. 

5. Now for the eyes.

Avoid using too much foundation on this area, especially if you’ve already applied My Perfect Eyes as this will have removed any darkness, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. You need to blend in with the rest of your face using light feathery sweeps over the under-eye area. Don’t rub or use excess pressure; otherwise, you’ll remove that invisible veil that’s working its magic.

6. Fine tune your complexion.

If you do still have a bit of extra redness today, or a few acne scars, tap a little bit of additional foundation with your ring finger into areas that need a bit more attention. Again, making sure that you dab rather than smudge.

7. Ready for selfie.

Apply a bit of your favourite blusher to finish off your look and you are good to go! You’ve officially mastered the art of beautifully blended foundation.

Please feel free to tag us in your selfies and share the My Perfect love.



Penny Lane x 

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