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Christmas Wrapped Up

Posted on November 22, 2019

Ho Ho Ho

I don’t know about you but I just love the Christmas season. There’s no better time to catch up with friends and family, old, new, near and far. Coming together to enjoy a glass of festive cheer and maybe a mince pie, or three! While Christmas traditions around the world may vary, one thing we all have in common is the joy of giving.

Did you know that in the Philippines, they celebrate Christmas with a beautiful lantern festival? On the opposite side of the world in Colombia, they have what’s known as Little Candles’ Day. Entire towns and cities put on elaborate displays featuring candles and paper lanterns. It must look truly magical. Personally, I love a traditional Christmas tree packed with twinkling fairy lights.

What’s the earliest you can get away with putting up your decorations? I’m asking for a friend!

No matter where or how you choose to celebrate Christmas, there’s no better time to express your love and gratitude for the special people in your life. What better way to make their Christmas dreams and wishes come true than by giving the gift of perfect skin! That’s why at My Perfect Cosmetics, we’ve made it easier than ever this year to find the perfect gifts. Santa’s skincare helpers have been hard at work, putting together our most popular bundles. Better still, they’ve gone one step further by including a special Christmas box and tissue paper.

You could say we’ve got Christmas all wrapped up!

It’s the season to be generous. So make that list, and check it twice! You don’t want to miss anyone off, whether they really have been naughty or nice! Head on over to our Seasonal Gift Page and treat a friend to one of our gorgeous skincare packages. It’s never too early to get started with an age prevention skincare regime and with up to 50% discount, our Intro Anti-Ageing Set makes the perfect gift.

For anyone living in the Northern Hemisphere, as they say in Game of Thrones, winter is coming! In fact, I believe it’s already there! How about our Winter Gift Set? Again, it’s been discounted by over 50%. Not only does it contain our most popular ever product, My Perfect Eyes, but you’ll also receive our luxurious, hydrating My Perfect Day cream as well as three My Perfect Masks. These nutrient-enriched serum-soaked sheet masks literally drench the skin with intensely hydrating ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid,  and will be your winter skin savior. From cold climates to harsh ones, these peptide packed masks are your SOS. If you’ve enjoyed too much sun on the traditional Boxing Day Barbecue, these sheet masks will replenish and rejuvenate your skin ready to see in the New Year.

While you’re shopping, maybe just drop an extra My Perfect Eyes in your basket as an emergency backup. Just in case your cousin twice removed of your Father’s side decides to turn up unannounced to lunch. Either that, or because you deserve to pamper yourself and no matter how many hints you’ve left, your husband will still end up buying you slippers again this year!

The perfect gifts are now available in our store with massive discounts, my special gift to you. I’d like to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas.


Penny Lane x

Three Shades of Buildable Coverage.

If you’re looking to achieve the perfect foundation application, then look no further! So many of us struggle to find the right shade and formula that works for them, so we have developed My Perfect Foundation with this in mind, to give our customers a fuss-free and flawless application every time.

When too heavy, foundations can give a clogging effect. Too light and they can slide right off, leaving you looking like you never put foundation on in the first place. 

The great news is that achieving the perfect complexion doesn’t have to be difficult anymore, especially not with our latest product release, My Perfect Foundation. 

Designed specifically to wear with My Perfect Eyes, it’s backed by years of testing, research and in this case, lots of development until we were able to achieve the ultimate formula! The Result? Your skin, just better!

Available in just three shades designed to suit all skin tones and types, My Perfect Foundation delivers a unique melting effect that works seamlessly with your skin to create that even, airbrushed finish that’s always on-trend. 

With exclusive colour-matching technology, your perfect skin is just a few simple steps away. Designed to adapt to your skin pigment, three simple shades are all we needed!

You shouldn’t need a background in fine art or be a YouTube make-up artist to create the complexion of your dreams. Applying your foundation should be a simple yet transformative process. My Perfect Foundation is designed to be ultimately versatile. Your “go-to” for all occasions. 

7 Steps for the Best Foundation Application

1. Cleanse.

We’re pretty sure you all thoroughly remove your makeup every night before bed so you might be wondering why we’re advocating cleansing it again before you apply your daily foundation. Let’s call it part of your essential skincare routine. Just in case there are any remnants of yesterday’s makeup still left on your face or excess oil, preparing your face first before you apply My Perfect Foundation will ensure the most even coverage and best results. We recommend you use My Perfect Wash, our purifying and luxuriously lathering, Amino acid facial wash, packed with hydrating properties.

2. Prep

No matter how matte your foundation, you can still achieve soft and natural-looking results if you’ve prepped your skin correctly. All you need is a good moisturiser to lock in hydration. Let your skincare sink into your skin for about 5 minutes before you apply your foundation. If you go for a multi-tasking day cream like My Perfect Day, you can enjoy 12-hour dewy hydration as well as UVA/UVB 15 sun protection.

3. Pick your colour.

It’s time to pick up the perfect shade for you. It’s not as overwhelming as you might think. There’s no need to be colour matched. With just three shades to choose from, light, medium or dark, the adaptive colour technology in our latest product innovation blends effortlessly with your own skin tone and has been designed so that you can build and layer to achieve the perfect cover and finish.

4. Blend it.

To enjoy that second-skin magic, you’re going to need either a foundation brush, a beauty sponge, or you could use your fingers. Go ahead and apply a small amount of My Perfect Foundation to the back of your hand and begin to gently dab to the side of your face in light motions. 

Don’t smudge or swipe, light short blended strokes are all that’s needed. Apply to all the areas of your face first and leave where you’ve applied My Perfect Eyes till last. Remember, if you want to go from a light daytime look to a fuller coverage evening look, use more product. 

5. Now for the eyes.

Avoid using too much foundation on this area, especially if you’ve already applied My Perfect Eyes as this will have removed any darkness, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. You need to blend in with the rest of your face using light feathery sweeps over the under-eye area. Don’t rub or use excess pressure; otherwise, you’ll remove that invisible veil that’s working its magic.

6. Fine tune your complexion.

If you do still have a bit of extra redness today, or a few acne scars, tap a little bit of additional foundation with your ring finger into areas that need a bit more attention. Again, making sure that you dab rather than smudge.

7. Ready for selfie.

Apply a bit of your favourite blusher to finish off your look and you are good to go! You’ve officially mastered the art of beautifully blended foundation.

Please feel free to tag us in your selfies and share the My Perfect love.



Penny Lane x 

Your Step by Step Guide

So many of you got in touch to say how useful you found my Step by Step Guide on how to apply My Perfect Eyes that I thought I’d jump straight back in with another of my expert HOW TO’s. This time I’m giving you through the inside track on my own personal favourite product from our age correction range, My Perfect Facial. I’m even going to share a couple of my own top secret tips so that you can target wrinkles and correct the visible signs of ageing while getting an instant brow lift at the same time! It honestly works a treat!

When we say that My Perfect Facial is a complete age-correcting and lifting system, we really do mean it. The results are something else.

It’s like taking your face to the gym, only there’s no need to don any lycra, maybe just a headband!

My Perfect Facial works by intensely exercising the facial muscles, stimulating the blood supply to restore muscle tone. It delivers immediate, effective and visible results to the face, neck and décolletage area with just one powerful salon grade treatment.

Our advanced formula is unlike anything else on the market.

It contains a potent mix of ingredients which support cell turnover and encourage skin detoxification, reducing the appearance of fines lines, wrinkles, dark spots and sagging skin and really getting that blood pumping. We’re talking skin-loving ingredients like B-Hydroxy and fruit acids, protein, minerals as well as enzymes.

You simply apply it like a face mask once a week.

Check out this video and watch as I apply My Perfect Facial live on Janet. Her results are simply staggering and yours can be too if you follow my simple step by step instructions.

Here’s a quick overview of the top five steps to follow

Using the measuring spoons and bowl provided, mix together the activator gel and elevating powder to form a thin paste.

Apply to thoroughly cleansed skin with the fan brush in upwards and outward strokes starting from the neck and cover the entire face, adding a little bit of extra product and pressure where you want to achieve a more targeted lifting effect. I like to focus on the brow area for an instant brow lift.

Avoid any facial movements as you allow the product to dry. After 8 minutes you will feel a tightening sensation and after 20 minutes the product will be totally dry and you will actually be able to feel that blood pumping below the surface. The lifting process is now in full effect!

To remove the product, simply soak the muslin cloth also provided in your kit in warm water and gently wipe away, patting dry the face.

Complete your treatment by applying our luxurious collagen soak treatment all over the face and neck, massaging in upward and outward strokes.

Please don’t forget to share your personal results with us. We absolutely love receiving your before and after pictures and videos. Head on over to the website for all the latest offers on My Perfect Facial plus the rest of our fantastic range.

Penny Lane x

Prepare you skin for big occasions..

There’s nothing quite like a wedding to get everyone excited and all of a panic at the same time!

Whether you’re the bride to be, the mother of the bride or a VIP attendee, beyond saying yes to the dress, there’s a whole world of prep that needs to take place to ensure that you are glowing with radiant beauty, both inside and out, ahead of the big day.

Of course, if you are the bride to be, even if this isn’t your first time saying “I do,” you’re going to want to look your absolute best. Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to have a wedding planner on board to help you out with all the essential wedding tasks to date but now it’s time to turn the spotlight and attention on you.

Before you worry about not having enough budget left to enlist the help of a professional Dermatologist, the great news is that there’s plenty you can do at home to prep ahead of the big day.

Let’s take a quick look at what we recommend you do throughout the various stages running up to the special event.

6 Months Away From The Event

• If you really want to look your best on your big day and more importantly that Honey Moon, then now is the perfect time and excuse to invest in laser hair removal. Planning needs to take place 9 to 12 months in advance so start the process now.

• Start dry brushing your body. It’s packed with benefits including increasing the blood circulation which will aid with that overall glow. Do it before you hop into the shower at least three times a week.

• Commit to a regular workout plan and if you are planning on wearing a backless or strapless dress, focus on upper body strength training to create lots of lovely long and lean muscle definition.

6-8 Weeks Before

• This is the time to start prepping your skin more intensely. You should be focused on regular exfoliation of your face and body to ensure that you’re soft and silky smooth from head to toe.

• It’s time to kick that healthy eating regime into overdrive. Start eating all the colors of the rainbow and consider swapping out your favourite alcoholic tipple for a cold-pressed juice. On the big day, you want to glow from the inside out so eat plenty of lean protein, lots of colourful fruits and veggies and make sure you’re drinking two litres of water a day. Green juice is full of goodness and you can top up on the Prosecco on your big day!

• If you really do want a golden glow on the big day, start experimenting with self-tanners to work out which one suits you best and to really get to grips with developing an even and natural overall result. No streaky orange tans allowed!

4-6 Weeks Before

• This is the time to deeply cleanse and exfoliate your pores to remove any hyper-pigmentation, age spots or scarring that you be suffering from. You could try getting a glycolic treatment or using My Perfect Facial which is designed to really boost your skin’s overall radiance and luminosity. With five treatments included, 4 weeks out is the perfect time to start. Give yourself two facial sessions in week 4 then one each leading up to the day to ensure your skin is in tip-top condition.

• Your skin is going to be the canvas for your makeup, so it’s critical that your makeup artist has a beautiful base to work with. Make sure that as well as regular facials, you are also properly hydrating your skin both day and night to seal and lock in all that moisture plumping, dewy goodness.

• Remember that water really is your skin’s best friend so make sure you are keeping yourself hydrated from the inside out.

2-3 Weeks Before

• If you’ve not yet chosen your makeup artist, get one on speed dial now! It’s so worth having a couple of practise runs ahead of the big day. The same goes for your hair too. Don’t leave the experimenting until the week before. You need to have a couple of full dress rehearsals with your hair and makeup to ensure that you are 100% happy with the overall styling. Those Boho braids you dreamt of might just look a bit “meh,” and a classic chignon might well be your preferred option. You should also have a colour refresh about now too.

• It’s time to start getting plenty of shut-eye! Alongside water, sleep is natures way of restoring our bodies overnight. No bride or wedding guest wants to have puffy eyes or visible dark circles on the day. While plenty of sleep and sliced cucumbers definitely have their part to play, so too does My Perfect Eyes. We think it should be every Brides’ secret weapon, especially because it works in an instant, so it is the perfect product to use on your big day.

• Your pout also needs to be on point! You’ll be smiling and puckering up all day so don’t neglect your lips. A great little home exfoliation trick is to mix some sugar and water together to create a DIY lip exfoliator. Slather yourself afterward with a Vitamin E enriched balm so that your lips are smooth and kissable on the day. Now would also be the optimum time to treat yourself to a teeth whitening session so that your pearly whites really do give you plenty to smile about.

1 Week Before

• Give yourself a final My Perfect Facial two days beforehand so that your skin is lifted, hydrated and positively glowing with radiance.

• If you are wearing self-tan on the day, now is an excellent time to apply it so that it’s nicely settled in and looking natural ahead of the big day. Don’t forget that a sunless spray is also a great way of camouflaging skin imperfections and can even be used to contour your body, sculpt and accentuate your curves and define muscle.

• Get your manicure and pedicure done today too. Tomorrow is going to be an exhilarating but stressful day so get as much of the preparations out of the way as you can so that you can focus your mind and your body on the pending nuptials.

1 Day Before

• Keep calm and drink plenty of water!

• You’ve worked so hard over the last year but especially the last 8 weeks and it’s all about to come together.

• Relax, enjoy a long soak in the bath and get yourself ready for a truly amazing day tomorrow.

The Big Day Itself

There’s really only one thing we have to say.

Whether you’re the Bride, Bridesmaid, Mum, Auntie or Best Friend, enjoy the day and take your moment to shine in the spotlight, perhaps enjoying a cheeky glass or two of bubbles too. We think you definitely deserve it after all the preparation you’ve put in!

Our Top Tip

Don’t forget to pop My Perfect Eyes in your handbag in case you need a little pick me up ahead of the evening reception, especially if there have been a few tears of happiness shed earlier in the day. You don’t want to go and spoil all the photos by having puffy eyes for your first dance.

On a Final Note

If you do happen to be getting married this year and intend incorporating any of the My Perfect range into your preparations, we’d love you to tag us in your pictures so that we can share in your special day.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a happy Bride on her special day.

My Perfect Skincare Routine Tips

I get quizzed a lot about my own skincare routine and also whether it really matters what order you apply your skincare products in. I’m going to talk you through the most asked questions I get and their answers!

Q1: Is the sequence and regularity with which you apply your skincare products important?

A Korean skincare regime can comprise of anywhere up to 10 phases, starting out with a double cleanse. That can work out to be quite an investment in both time and money if you purchase the full product line up. That’s why I wanted the My Perfect range to be highly targeted, highly effective, deliver instant and long-lasting results and also be accessible price wise. A basic foundational daily regime should be practical, affordable and available to everyone.

My golden skincare rules:

There’s one thing that has to be non-negotiable. No matter what, no matter where, even if I’ve had a few too many champagnes the night before!

I never ever go to bed with my makeup on.

Tempting as it might be just to crash out and grab your beauty sleep, one of the keys to maintaining great skin is always to remove your makeup before bed.

Sequence does matter and here’s why:

By applying your products in the proper order, you can ensure that your skin really does receive the full benefits of each product. Your skin is like a shield and is designed to keep so many things out. Like daily dirt and grime, environmental pollutants and the damaging effects of the sun. However, the skin care products we use are designed to penetrate the skin and let vital anti-ageing ingredients in.

All the My Perfect products are scientifically formulated to work in harmony with each other, and if you don’t apply them in the correct order, then you just won’t be getting the best results out of your skincare routine. Just as you eat Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in that order, so too should you be Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturising.

My step by step guide on how to layer the My Perfect products

So in case you are wondering which product goes on top of which, here’s my top tip.

Tip: Apply your products from thinnest to thickest or from liquid to oil.

You also want to use the products that contain the most active ingredients first so that they can penetrate the skin, finishing up your regime with products that need to sit on top of your skin to deliver daytime or overnight hydration. My day and night routines do slightly differ, and there are a couple of specialist products that I specifically apply once or twice a week to deliver the best on-going results. Like My Perfect Facial, my complete anti-ageing face lifting treatment which I use twice a week when I’m filming ads for the TV, and I really need to achieve smooth, radiant skin for the camera. Shooting in high definition picks up all your flaws, so I like to give my skin an extra helping hand.

My Perfect Daytime routine

Your morning regime is all about PROTECTION.

I always start my day with My Perfect Wash, our luxuriously lathering facial wash that leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh, but intensely nourished and hydrated. It’s gentle but deeply purifying and helps to maintain the skins delicate PH balance. It’s packed with Amino acids which really help with cell regeneration plus it smells just divine too.
Lots of time, testing and attention really went into the development of My Perfect Wash as I wanted it to deliver an intensely moisturising feel and create not just clean but visibly luminous skin too.

Another trick is to go for multi-tasking products that will save you both time and money. For example, My Perfect Day is an essential daily moisturiser, but it also contains an active SPF too so eliminates the need for that additional sunscreen stage. Plus it contains powerful anti-ageing peptides so you can do without a serum. My Perfect Day includes a popular ingredient called Argireline Peptide which basically acts like Botox, reducing frown lines and wrinkles, along with collagen, the building block of the body, for softer and smoother, younger looking skin.

• Cleanser
• Toner
• Antioxidant Serum
• Eye Cream
• Moisturiser
• Sunscreen

My Perfect Night-time routine

Your evening regime is all about REGENERATION.

Your skin naturally repairs itself at night and so your evening routine should be all about treating your skin to what it might be currently lacking. If it’s looking dull, treat yourself to an exfoliating treatment or enzyme peel and if it’s feeling irritated, then ensure that it is richly hydrated and protected. You can afford to go for richer and more luxuriously textured creams at night.

I also use My Perfect Wash at night, but to ensure that I have thoroughly removed every last trace of makeup, especially if I’ve been filming and had a full face on for the camera, I also use My Perfect Wave, our best selling portable sonic cleaning brush which you can easily take into the shower with you. It delivers impressive 3 in 1 results for deep down cleansing, exfoliating and pore extraction.

The final product that I always apply before I go to bed is My Perfect Night. I like to call it my bottled beauty sleep! It’s super-hydrating and visibly transforms dull and lack-lustre skin overnight, revealing intensely plump, nourished and dewy skin when you wake up. High in Vitamin E and antioxidants, as well as the anti-ageing miracle ingredient, Ameliox, it’s a hard-working, multi-tasking and richly repairing night cream. I also treat my skin to an enzyme peel one a week and use a face oil 2-3 times to compliment my existing regime.

Talking of which, I’m super excited to reveal that we have a couple of additional products currently in development, one of which is going to be a powerful Enzyme Peel as well as an advanced nighttime Recovery Oil. I promise you will be the first to know when our new products are ready to launch.

Below is night-time routine.

• Cleanser
• Toner or Serum Booster
• Eye Cream
• Specialist treatment serums, creams, peels or pads
• Hydrating mask or face oil
• Intensely moisturising night cream

Penny Lane x

How To Apply Makeup Over My Perfect Eyes

How To Apply Makeup Over My Perfect Eyes

One of the most common questions I get asked is whether you can apply makeup over My Perfect Eyes and if so, are there any tips to follow to achieve that flawless finish? Well, the short answer is, yes you can!

My Perfect Eyes can absolutely be used with your favourite oil-free foundation.

For a full step by step guide on exactly how best to apply My Perfect Eyes, check out my other blog which is full of practical advice and some of my very own insider tricks of the trade! Click Here

I’ve been demonstrating My Perfect Eyes live on daytime TV for years now and I always love seeing amazing transformations. That magic moment when you see the product suddenly start to work and all those wrinkles and fine lines disappear, it never gets old.

Applying My Perfect Eyes really is simple

Let me quickly re-cap those four stages for you now before I go on to discuss step 5, applying your makeup.

Give your bottle a quick little shake to activate the formal and mix the ingredients together.

Swipe a pea-sized amount onto the back of your hand with the applicator wand.

Using a long and smooth sweeping motion starting from the inside corner out, apply the product wherever it is needed from the lash line, feathering down onto your cheek.

Look ahead and wait for the magic to happen. We’re talking 60 seconds and you’ll start to feel that nice tightening sensation that tells you the product is working.

You’re ready for step 5, applying your makeup.

Here’s a great little video finishing off the look on stunning model, Giselle, using Revlon Colour Stay Foundation. Remember though, you can use your favourite brand just as long as it’s oil free.

Watch Video Here

My Pro tips for applying makeup

1.Next apply a small amount of moisturiser, like My Perfect Day, just around the edges of where you’ve applied the product. Don’t apply directly over the top otherwise it will dissolve the product.

2.You can use any foundation as long as its oil free. Something like Revlon Colour Stay Foundation works really well with My Perfect Eyes

3.We recommend you use a brush to apply your foundation. You’re going to get a more even and flawless finish with a brush than with your fingers which can sometimes have oil on them.

4.Evenly apply the foundation all over your face and with the small amount of product left on your brush, gently go over the top of the product under your eyes to complete the finished look.

I’m going to let you into a little secret!

We’re super hyped and excited to currently be working on our very first foundation! It’s going to create the perfect canvas for the rest of your makeup. We’ve specially chosen a beauty enhancing matte gel foundation that will deliver a flawless airbrushed effect, just like you’ve taken a selfie with your favourite filter!

I can’t wait for you all to try My Perfect Foundation.

Don’t forget to keep checking back in with us for more top tips and secret insider tricks on how to get the very best out of the My Perfect Cosmetics range and head over to the website right now to top up on our best selling My Perfect Eyes and see what offers we’re showcasing this month.


Penny Lane x

How to recognise the early signs

Today I thought I’d tell you about visible signs of ageing you need to be aware of and more importantly, exactly what you can do to stop them dead in their tracks! Even if you are in your early 20’s, it’s never too early to start implementing a great skincare routine but especially if you are now in your 40’s, it’s great news to know that you can still mitigate some of the damage already caused and slow down the process.

Genetics and Lifestyle

Of course, genetics do have a part to play so take a look at the rest of the females in your family as this will provide an indication of what you can expect to look like IF you don’t start taking preventative action. So too does your lifestyle.

What you choose to put in your body is just as important as what you put on it, so it’s time to start taking care of yourself from the inside out. If the thought of a life sipping sparkling water and eating kale and purple sprouting broccoli does nothing for you, don’t despair, there’s always a solution and I’ve definitely got a few tried and tested secrets to share with you today!

The 7 Early Signs of Ageing

First up though, let’s look at the seven signs of ageing, the first one is especially relevant for those of you reading this from down under!

1. Sun Spots

I’m guilty as charged when it comes to enjoying a spot of sunbathing. I spent my 20’s living in Greece before I came to Australia, two glorious but harsh climates. It’s in our early 20’s that the very first visible signs of ageing start to show. You might notice some slight discolouration, uneven tone and texture, hyper-pigmentation or even small brown spots caused by sun damage.

You’ll need to be looking out for active ingredients like Hydroquinone as well as Retinol but most importantly, it’s time to use a broad spectrum sunscreen that will protect your skin from further damage from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Even in cloudy conditions, sun rays can still damage your skin if you don’t add any protection. Honestly, sunscreen is a MUST and that’s why I’ve made sure SPF 15 is included in our very own day cream, My Perfect Day.

2. Fine Lines

So far, they might be teeny tiny, rather than harsh lines; however, you might begin to notice that your makeup just doesn’t sit the same way that it used to. It might start settling into those little lines and you swear, each time you look in the mirror, there’s a new little line appearing. Don’t get too disheartened.

It might be time to switch up your favourite foundation for something more creamy textured and lightweight in consistency or perhaps invest in a primer that will help to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

When it specifically comes to the wrinkles around your eyes, then My Perfect Eyes works like an absolute treat and watch this space, as we do have a new foundation currently in development too!

3. Crows Feet

According to the leading dermatologists all over the world, crows feet are one of the major signs of ageing that begin to develop in our twenties. Short of permanently living in sunglasses and never cracking a smile ever again, what’s a girl to do?

The answer, anti-oxidants! Regularly treating your skin to a facial that will destroy those free radicals, reverse the environmental impact and help to stimulate the production of Collagen and Elastin to keep your skin looking plump and radiant is necessary.

However a weekly facial at the Salon can be massively expensive and time consuming. Skin specialists often recommend using our home treatment, My Perfect Facial, as it’s backed by scientific evidence and has been developed in conjunction with Dermatherapists to help reverse damage and tackle all the major signs of ageing.

4. Dull texture and lack of radiance

Exfoliation is one of the key parts on your skincare regime if you want to achieve glowing skin! Unfortunately, as we get older, our cell-renewal rate slows down and that can leave the skin looking lack-luster. You could splurge on a Microdermabrasion treatment, or you could get the girls around, throw your own pamper party, and enjoy a face-lifting treatment guaranteed to turn back the clock and give you that Instagram glow, no fancy filter needed!

Now is the time to start investing in weekly facials that are going to help slough away rough, textured, lifeless skin and encourage rapid cell turnover and renewed collagen production. That’s where My Perfect Facial is a complete skin-saviour!

5. Puffy eyes and dark circles

We’ve all been there. One too many Cosmopolitan’s catching up on the post-work chat and you wake up looking distinctly puffy eyed. That’s because the skin under our eyes is already delicate but as we age, it gets even thinner and if we’re suffering from water retention due to dehydration, then the swelling increases!

You could try using a metal roller ball applicator or one of the popular jade stone rollers or you could go straight in for the kill and say goodbye in less than 60 seconds not only to puffiness but also dark circles and fine lines and wrinkles by applying My Perfect Eyes. If you are partial to the occasional late night, salty snack and margarita, this is going to be your secret weapon.

6. Dryness and lack of hydration

Hydration is the key to retaining youthful, plump and radiant skin. Everything we do on a daily basis actively draws moisture away from our skin. Whether we spend the majority of our time indoors or out, come summer or winter, we have environmental factors to continually deal with. Air conditioning, central heating, sun, wind; they can cause skin quality issues.

It’s time to invest in a hydrating mask. We’re so excited to have one currently in development, that is going to be packed with skin loving Hyaluronic Acid but at the very least, ups our moisturising game and make it your friend for life!

7. Sagging and drooping skin

Yes, everyone’s least favourite sign of ageing, lack of tautness and definition. The first areas you’re going to notice are your jawline and cheeks. They look less voluminous and full and the overall effect is a lack of elasticity and firmness.

What you need to be focused on is a product that can restore tone and texture, support skin lifting and soften and smooth out those facial lines. Look for hard working active ingredients like B-Hydroxy acids, peptides, anti-oxidants as well as minerals and enzymes. All of these can be found in My Perfect Facial, an advanced and potent formulation that will definitely help lift those jowls and tighten that jawline.

Now you won’t just be able to recognise but you can also do something pro-active about those early warning signs of ageing.


Penny Lane x

Your Step by Step Guide On My Perfect Eyes

Today I wanted to take you through a few of my own tried and tested expert tips on how to get the very best out of your purchase of My Perfect Eyes. I’ve been demonstrating this product live on television for years now and I’ve never failed to be impressed by its results!

Marie Claire recently reported that My Perfect Eyes was the latest miracle eye-cream that works instantly and is easy to see why our best selling, age-correction product is so popular worldwide. With results starting in under 60 seconds, our clinically proven under-eye enhancer will instantly erase the appearance of unwanted wrinkles, eye bags and puffiness, to reveal a more youthful looking you.

Designed to be entirely in-tune with your hectic and demanding lifestyle, one simple application before you leave the house is guaranteed to provide long-lasting results. This isn’t just a special occasion, miracle under-eye cream, this is your daily secret weapon against the visible signs of aging. It’s a product that I couldn’t live without and I know from all the lovely feed back that we receive, many of you feel exactly the same way.

Applying My Perfect Eyes is as simple as 1,2,3,4

If you’re new to My Perfect Eyes, then I’m about to quickly run through my step-by-step guide. For those of you who are already fans of the product, you might learn a few insider tricks of the trade.

Here’s my simple 4 step guide on how to apply My Perfect Eyes:

Step 1:

Give the bottle a firm shake to activate the formula and to mix the ingredients together completely.

Step 2:

Take the applicator and swipe a small amount of My Perfect Eyes directly onto the back of your hand. Remember that less is more, so just a pea-sized amount will be enough to transform both eyes.

Step 3

Starting at the inside corner of your eye, sweep outwards in a long, firm and smooth motion. Unlike your regular moisturising eye cream, do not dab or tap the product. A sweeping motion is the most effective way to deliver the product where it’s needed. You can take the product up to your lash line and feather down onto your cheek, to capture all those fine lines and wrinkles.

Step 4:

Lastly, look straight ahead and avoid any facial movements for 60 seconds or until the area is dry. This will ensure optimum results as the product sets, so stay still and if you feel like speeding up the process, you can gently fan the area. Right about now, you should start to feel a nice tightening sensation which tells you that the product is really beginning to work. That sensation won’t last as the product is flexible but it’s a reassuring sign that your own results are starting to happen!

Want to watch me apply My Perfect Eyes?

This is a great little video of me applying My Perfect Eyes on the beautiful Maggie. Her results were just amazing and yours can be too. We always love seeing your before and afters and your video demo’s, so please feel free to share them with us.

Keep checking back in with us as we reveal more ‘top tips’ and secret insider tricks on how to get the very best out of the My Perfect Cosmetics range and head over to the website right now, to top up on our best selling My Perfect Eyes.


Penny Lane x

mum’s secret helper

How you can still turn back time even when the clocks go forwards

Having an international business means there are always lots of dates in the diary to celebrate, as they don’t all coincide at the same time. That’s not such a bad thing when it comes to honoring our Mums as we get to do it at least two times. First in March for all the UK based Mum’s and then again in May, for the Australian and American ones.

Check your inboxes for special offers and promotions coming your way. 

Whether you’re a tired mum in need of some TLC or looking for a present to treat that special mum in your life, at My Perfect Cosmetics, we know that time is precious and so are you. We believe that Mums all over the world do a fantastic job and the more often we get to celebrate them, the better!

Mother’s Day is extra special for me this year. I became a foster Mum to two gorgeous, spirited boys aged 4 and 5. What was meant to be 3 nights, has already been 3 weeks and I have a feeling they will be with me for a long time. Spending time with these precious little souls really puts life into perspective. I’ve also been lucky enough to have my own mum over from the UK for 2 weeks and she’s helped me out so much. It’s been such a special time and has brought back so many fond memories of the songs she used to sing to me as a little girl.

Talking of  UK based Mums. I’m picking up lots of funny grumblings on the grapevine from my Yummy Mummy friends over there who are feeling a bit cheated this year.

Mother’s Day just so happens to align with the clocks going forward. So on your special day when typically the kids treat you to breakfast in bed, you actually get to spend one full hour less in bed!  How cruel is Mother Nature? Don’t let the family use that as an excuse though. You still deserve a lie in and your tea and toast delivered on a tray, even if you spend the rest of the day playing catch up! Plus, the best news is that summer is officially on its way! One more hour of daylight to enjoy and sunnier days around the corner. That’s got to be worth losing sleep over right?

That got me thinking about time-saving ideas for all the busy Mums out there. 

How can you turn the clocks back, even when they’re going forward, to when you were young, worry, child and wrinkle free? Well, the great news is that even if you’ve lost an hour of your beauty sleep, you can still look younger in just 60 seconds!

I designed our best selling My Perfect Eyes to work in an instant and to deliver results that last all day long and to disguise those years of early mornings and sleepless nights! If you’re feeling like you’ve lost a bit of your sparkle, My Perfect Eyes will definitely be “mummy’s secret little helper!” It works like magic for frazzled Mums, erasing the appearance of unwanted wrinkles and eye bags and tackling dark circles and puffiness.

Here are some other top ten tried and tested, simple and effective way in which you can take off years. In an instant!

  • Try wearing less makeup and go for more neutral and warmer tones.
  • Use a weekly face mask to restore that pinky-youthful glow to your cheeks.
  • Try freshening up your teeth with whitening strips for a pearly youthful smile.
  • Try a sweeping side fringe to update your hairstyle and hide those forehead wrinkles.
  • Brighten up your complexion with some strategic highlights framing your face.
  • Switch the side you usually part your hair on. The side you part it on sees the sun more frequently and will go grey faster so you might be surprised what a difference this trick makes.
  • Double up on your mascara application to really open up your eyes and fan them out.
  • Fill in your brows to minimise any sparse patches from over plucking.
  • Try using a lighter, glossier lipstick that will make thinning lips instantly look fuller and more youthful.
  • Simply smile more often! Happiness always looks good on you.

Let me know how you get on with those top ten anti-aging beauty secrets when you get the time to try them out.  Always try and make some time to pamper yourself and especially this Mothers Day, remember how loved you all are.


Penny Lane x 

Enjoy the Perfect Facial like the Kardashians

There was lots of excitement in head office this week when pictures emerged of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, at home in their dressing gowns, hanging out like sisters do, having some kind of pamper party!

We’re used to seeing these ladies looking glamorous but something really grabbed our attention in Kourtney’s latest post. If you didn’t see it, take a look here.

We can’t say for sure and they didn’t mention any names, but from the looks of their faces and how the mask they’re both wearing has dried and tightened, it sure does look a lot like My Perfect Facial(cue squeals of delight when we realised that some of the biggest A-list sisters on the planet might be using our very own favourite age correcting facial lifting system!! Not that we’re surprised! We know there are plenty of celebs out there sharing our secret.)

You too can be a glowing!

Whether it is, or it isn’t our mask, the Kardashian sisters always look impeccable and are renowned for their vibrant and flawless complexions. It’s so refreshing to know that they use at home facial treatments that are accessible to all as part of their anti-aging skincare routine. It’s one of the core values that underpin My Perfect Cosmetics Company; providing real women the whole world over with access to non-invasive and cost-effective age correcting solutions.

The fact that the sisters are having a facial together is even better. Sharing is caring!

Who would be your pamper partner? 

In honour of women everywhere this International Women’s Day, who are the females in your life who inspire and motivate you? Which women do you love and respect the most? If you had the chance, who would you love to spend the day hanging out with, in your dressing gown, enjoying a facial together! Everyone deserves to have their own glam squad!

Shout out to all the women everywhere. Let’s celebrate being a woman and love the skin we’re in. Let’s fix each other’s crowns and lift each other up when we’re feeling down.

If you’ve not tried out My Perfect Facial yet but you fancy experiencing that Kardashian style, insta-ready glow, with no filter needed, head on over to the website and check out the offers we have running. My Perfect Facial is a clinically proven, salon grade full facial lifting system, that delivers powerful and immediate results including a noticeable reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and sagging skin. It’s one of my own personal favourites and I love having the girls over for a night of chat, bubbles, nibbles and a facial!

Now you too can enjoy the perfect facial like the Kardashians. We’d love it if you sent us your selfies. Tag your BFF, your sister, mother, daughter, niece!

As we like to say, girls who facial together, stay together! Use the hashtag #MyTeamPerfect.

Happy International Women’s Day.


Penny Lane x

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