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how to winter-proof your skin

Posted on November 22, 2019

Tips & tricks to get that summer glow back

For those of you currently experiencing cold winter weather, you’re probably wondering what you can do to protect your skin from those harsh environmental factors, not to mention the drying effect that central heating can have on your complexion. Few of us would label winter as our favourite season, and most of us will admit our skin isn’t necessarily looking its best, especially if there’s a bit of post-Christmas dehydration going on or you’re in the throes of a detox. Chances are that winter is playing havoc on your complexion resulting in red patches, sensitivity, dull, parched skin and a distinct lack of hydration. It needn’t be that way though.

Today I’m covering off some top tips and the best products from the My Perfect Cosmetics Range to give you back that dewy radiance and glam glow that’s always in season.

We’re looking at how you can winter proof and encourage your skin to repair and regenerate itself through the colder months by feeding it with vital nutrients and essential, hard-working, active ingredients. You can enjoy glowing and radiant skin all year round if you know how to take care of it.

use a gentle cleanser

We all know that good skin starts with a thorough cleanse and in the winter you need to be extra gentle with your skin and use a cleanser specially formulated so that it won’t strip it of those all- important natural oils. Oils naturally help to provide a protective barrier against aggressive external factors. Go for a product that has anti-inflammatory properties and will soothe and calm stressed skin like My Perfect Wash which is packed with skin loving amino acids.

protect against harmful uv rays

Before you think I’ve gone crazy with this next one, did you know that 80% of the sun’s rays can penetrate through cloud cover so even if you can’t see Mr. Sunshine? It’s absolutely critical that you continue to wear an SPF through the harsher winter months. Just by wearing an SPF alone, studies have proven that you can slow down the aging process by up to 24%. That’s a pretty significant statistic, and it’s the reason why we put an active SPF into our best selling anti-aging day cream, My Perfect Day. This lightweight cream works to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, boost hydration plus it delivers day long protection from harmful UV rays.

you need to be exfoliating more regularly

use a weekly hydrating and firming face mask

Skin needs some extra tender loving care in the winter, so now is the time to indulge in the ritual of a weekly high-performing face mask to really ensure that it is in tip-top condition. With My Perfect Facial, you can really take your winter skincare routine to the next level. Containing Beta-Hydroxy acids which gently dissolve away dead skin cells to reveal your beautiful glowing skin, our full face-lifting treatment stimulates the facial muscles to visibly lift and tone the skin. It’s just like taking your face to the gym but without the need for lycra or ever having to break out into a sweat!

give your eyes a makeover

The skin around our eyes is more fragile and delicate and is quicker to reveal the signs of aging as well as being prone to dryness and fatigue. Central heating systems, all those dark mornings and short dreary days can really start to take their toll, and your eyes might end up puffy with visible dark circles and looking as SAD as you might be feeling. Now is definitely the time to give your eyes an instant makeover with our best selling high-performing cosmetic under eye enhancer. My Perfect Eyes is guaranteed to help you achieve revitalised, soothed and perfected eyes, come wind, rain, snow or hail! It’s one product that never goes out of fashion and is perfect for all seasons.

stay hydrated to boost your radiance

look after your luscious lips

Finally, it’s not just your skin that needs more help in the winter. If you want to have kissable lips then now it the seasons to be slathering on a daily protective lip balm. Lips have no oil glands of their own which is why they have a tendency to crack and chap so severely in the cold, so look after your lips and protect that precious pout!

I hope you found those top tips on how to winter-proof your skin useful.


Penny Lane x

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