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mother’s day

Posted on November 22, 2019

mum’s secret helper

How you can still turn back time even when the clocks go forwards

Having an international business means there are always lots of dates in the diary to celebrate, as they don’t all coincide at the same time. That’s not such a bad thing when it comes to honoring our Mums as we get to do it at least two times. First in March for all the UK based Mum’s and then again in May, for the Australian and American ones.

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Whether you’re a tired mum in need of some TLC or looking for a present to treat that special mum in your life, at My Perfect Cosmetics, we know that time is precious and so are you. We believe that Mums all over the world do a fantastic job and the more often we get to celebrate them, the better!

Mother’s Day is extra special for me this year. I became a foster Mum to two gorgeous, spirited boys aged 4 and 5. What was meant to be 3 nights, has already been 3 weeks and I have a feeling they will be with me for a long time. Spending time with these precious little souls really puts life into perspective. I’ve also been lucky enough to have my own mum over from the UK for 2 weeks and she’s helped me out so much. It’s been such a special time and has brought back so many fond memories of the songs she used to sing to me as a little girl.

Talking of  UK based Mums. I’m picking up lots of funny grumblings on the grapevine from my Yummy Mummy friends over there who are feeling a bit cheated this year.

Mother’s Day just so happens to align with the clocks going forward. So on your special day when typically the kids treat you to breakfast in bed, you actually get to spend one full hour less in bed!  How cruel is Mother Nature? Don’t let the family use that as an excuse though. You still deserve a lie in and your tea and toast delivered on a tray, even if you spend the rest of the day playing catch up! Plus, the best news is that summer is officially on its way! One more hour of daylight to enjoy and sunnier days around the corner. That’s got to be worth losing sleep over right?

That got me thinking about time-saving ideas for all the busy Mums out there. 

How can you turn the clocks back, even when they’re going forward, to when you were young, worry, child and wrinkle free? Well, the great news is that even if you’ve lost an hour of your beauty sleep, you can still look younger in just 60 seconds!

I designed our best selling My Perfect Eyes to work in an instant and to deliver results that last all day long and to disguise those years of early mornings and sleepless nights! If you’re feeling like you’ve lost a bit of your sparkle, My Perfect Eyes will definitely be “mummy’s secret little helper!” It works like magic for frazzled Mums, erasing the appearance of unwanted wrinkles and eye bags and tackling dark circles and puffiness.

Here are some other top ten tried and tested, simple and effective way in which you can take off years. In an instant!

  • Try wearing less makeup and go for more neutral and warmer tones.
  • Use a weekly face mask to restore that pinky-youthful glow to your cheeks.
  • Try freshening up your teeth with whitening strips for a pearly youthful smile.
  • Try a sweeping side fringe to update your hairstyle and hide those forehead wrinkles.
  • Brighten up your complexion with some strategic highlights framing your face.
  • Switch the side you usually part your hair on. The side you part it on sees the sun more frequently and will go grey faster so you might be surprised what a difference this trick makes.
  • Double up on your mascara application to really open up your eyes and fan them out.
  • Fill in your brows to minimise any sparse patches from over plucking.
  • Try using a lighter, glossier lipstick that will make thinning lips instantly look fuller and more youthful.
  • Simply smile more often! Happiness always looks good on you.

Let me know how you get on with those top ten anti-aging beauty secrets when you get the time to try them out.  Always try and make some time to pamper yourself and especially this Mothers Day, remember how loved you all are.


Penny Lane x 

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