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Posted on November 22, 2019

Hello again everyone and welcome to 2019!

I can hardly believe it can you? Time sure does fly, and now that the madness of Christmas is over, it’s time to sit down and reflect but more importantly to set yourself some challenges for the year ahead. I absolutely love this time of year. It’s so full of hope and optimism. There are 365 fresh, clean pages of a new book ahead of you and it’s down to you what you write on them.

It’s true that Christmas isn’t fun for everyone and there is so much pressure these days as we live in such a consumerist society. It can be a very challenging time of year for a lot of families and very lonely for some people too who’ve lost their nearest and dearest or like me, have been living away from home for a long time across the other side of the world. There’s no surprise that so many people choose to just escape the madness and jet off to the beach or the slopes. Even if you are blessed and have all your family still around you, just dashing around in the silly season, trying to squeeze in a visit to them all can be exhausting.

So my top tip to you if you’ve been running around like a headless chicken most of December is to take a little bit more “me time” in the New Year. A great way to feel refreshed and revitalized is to pamper your skin with my amazing full facial treatment, My Perfect Facial. It’s always my own favorite go-to treatment from the My Perfect Cosmetics range whenever my skin is in need of some tender loving care. I just love the results plus you get to relax for 20 minutes, quieten your mind and put your feet up! Better still, you too will look like you’ve just had 2 weeks in the Bahamas. Leave those wrinkles where they belong, firmly back in 2018!

Another top trick, especially if you’ve had too many late nights partying over Xmas and are seriously lacking in beauty sleep, is to apply some of our best-selling anti-aging eye cream My Perfect Eyes. It works in seconds and instantly erases wrinkles and fine lines as well as those tell-tale dark circles and puffy eye bags. No will ever know that partied like it was 1999 again!

While you have 20 minutes to spare for yourself why not set yourself some new goals for the year ahead? These might be personal or professional. I truly believe if you write down what you want to achieve on a piece of paper and place it somewhere prominent as a daily reminder, you’re already halfway there. The mind is such a powerful thing and if you believe you can, you can! So take some time to think about what you’d like to achieve this year.

Maybe it’s to lose a few pounds or commit to getting fitter. Perhaps you want to pay it forwards more by getting involved with local charities, or maybe this is the year you decide to write your own blog to channel your creativity. Whatever it is that fills your soul and your heart with joy, don’t be afraid to just go for it! I promise you won’t regret and this time next year you will be so proud when you look back on all that you have achieved. Give it a go! Grab a pen and some paper right now!

Just so that you know that I do very much practice what I preach, here’s my own New Year, New “Penny” goals. These might give you a little bit of inspiration when you’re thinking about what you want to achieve this year. I’ve kept these all personal. I’ve made plenty of business goals for this year, which will include the unveiling of some very exciting and innovative new products to add to the My Perfect Cosmetics range, but for now, those are strictly under wraps! I am super excited though to be able to share them with you in 2019 and really looking forward to expanding our age-correction range.

Living in Australia, I really do feel blessed by the incredible scenery I get to enjoy every day. I intend to start each morning with a walk to clear my head, press the reset button and prepare myself for the day ahead. I really want to get on top of my nutritional goals and especially my gut health this year too. I work like crazy, and I don’t always make the wisest choices when it comes to my diet, so this year I’m going to starting making a delicious and nutritious green smoothie, packed with spinach, LSA coconut water, and a banana to give me the energy to tackle each new day. So tasty and so good for your skin too. They do say you are what you eat and I don’t want to be a plate of chips this year!!

As I’m in the business of skin, it’s vitally important that I love the skin that I am in and that I really take care of my physical and mental well-being too. So I’m going to be taking a probiotic this year because I want to ensure my gut his healthy, my digestive system is working as it should and that my metabolism is all fired up in 2019 to match my spirit! I fully intend to get my inner and outer glow on this year.

I’m a big advocate of paying it forward, as is my business, so this year I will continue to get more involved with white Lion, a charity that supports youth at risk in Australia and for the social enterprises. For you, that might mean checking in on an elderly neighbor or just baking some biscuits and taking them into work for your colleagues. Small little random acts of kindness are my mission for 2019.

Let’s all commit right now to sprinkling more kindness everywhere this year.

I’d love to know what your goals are for the New Year ahead too!


Penny Lane x

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