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party season

Posted on November 22, 2019

How to look good this party season

Hi Everyone!

I don’t know about you lot but I just love this time of year. Catching up with friends old and new and sharing in some festive cheer! It’s a great excuse to get your favorite little black dress out from the wardrobe, dust of those killer heels and maybe treat yourself a to a new lipstick to finish off your party look.

All the bling in the world though can’t disguise how hard you’ve been working all year round and if you feel like you’ve lost a little bit of your seasonal sparkle and shine then I have just the products you need to not only ensure that you are party ready, but also to manage the damage limitation post party too! You really can’t go wrong with My Perfect Eyes and My Perfect Facial as part of your pre-party prep! I’ll let you in to a little secret, I always give myself an extra Facial in the run up to a big night out. You never know who you might meet up the mistletoe this year, ha ha!

Let’s face it, all those toxins from one too many glasses of fizz and tucking into a few extra indulgent canapes can wreak havoc on your skin and your waist line! I might not be able to help you with your waist line, sorry, but I can certainly make sure that you skin is party proof! I created my hard working age-correction products specially to help you all look your best whatever the special occasion and they don’t come much more glamorous than a Christmas party.

Too many late nights and drinks lead to dehydration and dull, lack luster skin, so you need to be using hard working products that will revitalize and re-energise tired skin, giving you back that lit from within gorgeous glow, ready to hit the dance floor. I guarantee with these two popular products from the My Perfect Cosmetics age-correction range, you will give that glitter ball a run for its money, you’ll be looking so gorgeous.

My Perfect Facial really is my personal go-to when I’ve getting ready for a big event and I want my skin to look really super smooth and radiant. As we get older, we neglect the neck area and that can leave us feeling less confident about rocking that off the shoulder dress. My Perfect Facial delivers powerful and visible instant results not just to the entire face but also to your neck and décolletage area too. You may even find yourself opting for a plunging neckline this year. Go for it I say! Your cheekbones will be higher than your heels after a couple of 20-minute My Perfect Facial sessions.

My other top recommendation on how to look good this party season is to use our number one best-selling anti-aging under eye enhance, My Perfect Eyes. We have it on good authority that it’s the secret weapon of many of the world’s leading Beauty Editor’s and honestly, this little bottle of magic really can perform miracles both pre and post partying! It instantly erases the appearance of puffiness, fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot, it works on those eye bags too! Let’s face it, the only bag that you need to be taking with you to the Christmas party is a designer one to keep your new lipstick in! While My Perfect Eyes has been designed to last for up to 10 hours, it also just so happens to come in a handbag friendly 100 application bottle too so even if you do end up partying till all hours, you will still retain your seasonal sparkle.

I hope those top tips and product recommendations have got you in the party spirit!


Penny Lane X

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